As a black woman working in finance, Rebecca Allen found herself in a bit of a conundrum. She could not find a quality nude shoe that was appropriate for a work setting.

Rebecca would quickly come to realize that the problem wasn’t that she had not been looking hard enough.

It was that the perfect nude shoe for her simply did not exist.

The truth is nudes did in fact exist but like stockings, underwear, ballet attire, and everything in between, all nude shoes are never created equal.

Motivated to create her own solution, Rebecca took it upon herself to develop a brand that catered to black women who may be having a similar issue.

Thus, her namesake brand, Rebecca Allen, was born.

The goal was to create a shoe in nude shades that adequately matched various skin tones, while also being comfortable and stylish enough to get women from all walks of life through their workday—and life—with confidence.

The first collection to be developed for Rebecca Allen was The New Pump, which put a modern spin on the timeless pump style.

It came in five different shades for women with light and deep skin tones, as well as everything in-between.

While The New Pump was, and still is, the perfect go-to shoe for both a casual, yet stylish look for work and a classy and casual night out with your girls.

Rebecca Allen still felt the need to continue their mission of offering variety and versatility to black women.

And so, they developed two additional styles: The Two Strap and The Skim.

The Two Strap is a sophisticated sandal heel and The Skim is a practical and chic pointy-toe flat.

Like the New Pump, these styles also come in five different shades and are safely priced under $200!

That is truly a steal for shoes that are constructed with real leather, have cushioned insoles, lacquered outsoles, and are made in Brazil.

So, what does the perfect new shoe have to do with having an ultimate side hustle?

Thought you would never ask!

Rebecca Allen’s shoes are truly a sophisticated solution to your style needs, but what if you could take things a step further?

Rebecca wanted to create opportunities for women to network and make money, using our collective love of shoes.

Fit Experts are modern women using the art of direct sales and networking to sell shoes for supplemental income.

What is ‘The Fit Experts Program’ and why is it important?

“It’s a modern income opportunity that bridges the gap between Direct Sales and Affiliate programs.

Rebecca Allen supports sellers’ success through best-in-class onboarding, training, and ongoing encouragement.

They retain their talented network by offering delightful and evolving perks and incentives that make material differences in the financial, emotional, and health well-being of women.

There is a glaring gap in Direct Sales participation from Black women and WOC. Rebecca Allen is the first company to put Black women and WOC first for their seller network and at the heart of product development.

Economically, there is immense potential when we keep our dollars circulating in our communities.”

What is the process to becoming a Fit Expert like? 

Luckily, the process of becoming a Fit Expert is quite simple! All you have to do is sign up and choose a Starter Kit. When you sign up, they will ask you for information such as:

  • Full Name
  • Contact Information (email address, phone number, etc.)
  • Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number so you can file taxes at the end of the year.

Once you provide your information, as well as review and approve the terms of the agreement, you will be directed to a page that asks you to choose one of three available starter kits.

Keep in mind that you will have to pay to receive your starter kit, so it would be wise to choose your kit based on your personal budget.

You pay so that you have some “skin in the game” as you start your side hustle – it’s proven to be the best incentive to start selling and earning quickly. The starter kits come in three different levels:

Dip Your Toe In (Level One): You get your preference of shoe for $89!

Stepping Up (Level Two): You get your preference of shoe + a shoe that is selected by Rebecca Allen for $149!

Putting Your Best Foot Forward (Level Three): You get the entire Rebecca Allen collection! That’s right. The New Pump, The Two-Strap, and The Skim, all for $199!

So then, what do I do after I become a Fit Expert?

This is where the fun really starts! Once you purchase your starter kits, it is time to start making money.

Your goal is not only to make the money you invested initially but to keep earning commission far above and beyond! The way you do this is by making sales for Rebecca Allen by hosting events or holding one-on-one appointments with potential customers.

Now, this is not an old school Tupperware party where everyone is sitting around the living room eating stale snacks and waiting to go home.

It is quite the opposite! Throwing a Rebecca Allen event means inviting your friends out for drinks (or a Zoom), starting a book club, or even throwing a small 90s themed BBQ—whatever you want to do to get people together and having a good time.

First, as a friend or family member to co-host. This way your co-host invites people outside your network so that you are always expanding your network and introducing the brand to new people. Meeting new women also helps to find new co-hosts for the future.

Your co-host gets a special discount code off a pair of shoes (as long as the event results in at least one sale) so she is aligned to help you be successful. Boom.

During the event, you will take the opportunity to introduce the Rebecca Allen brand! Some talking points to consider are:

  • What you like about Rebecca Allen
  • How you found the brand
  • The quality of the shoes. Are they comfortable? Are they a good fit? Work your magic here and get folks interested!

If anyone is interested, take orders! Help them navigate the site using your code so that you get the credit.

If there are a few people who are still on the fence about making a purchase, that’s okay!

Give them time to think and then follow up with them afterward and see if you can close on the sale this time around.

How can I ensure the success of my Rebecca Allen Fit Expert events and meetings? 

The modern style, great quality, and reasonable price of Rebecca Allen’s shoes alone should be enough to bring in customers.

However, there are some extra things you can do to ensure your success as a Fit Expert:

  • Always have a co-host! A co-host helps to expand your network by bringing in more friends that could turn into potential customers. Plus, there is an incentive to being a co-host! They get $100 off their Rebecca Allen purchase!
  • Have the co-host send out invites and invite more people than you think will attend. Encourage everyone attending to RSVP so that you can properly plan for the event.
look by @ornellakondo, featuring the timel Re ess Two-Strap

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