If you’re running a side hustle and wondering – can I really turn this into a full-time business? You need to meet Gitti Lindner

Gitti is a ceramicist and founder of Cinder Ceramics. What began as a side hustle has turned into a business that allowed her to “semi-retire” from her day job as a linguist (and only because she still loves the job enough to keep working.)

She just completes a year in our high-level coaching program, Momentum, and her brand has blown up in the past year.

With the help of our expert coaches, her die-hard community of fans, and brand new studio space, Gitti has…

  • Replaced her full time income (and then some)
  • Opened her first dedicated studio for production
  • Had her first $12,000 month
  • And so much more…

It’s inspiring to hear what happens when someone knows what they want, stays positive, and takes FULL responsibility for their business

So I knew I just had to get her on the podcast and hear how she reached this level of success..

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Community Engagement

Gitti is a glowing example of a philosophy we preach here at F&TA – the customer should be at the center of your brand.

She often brings to life the visions and designs sent in by her true fans, creating custom works they can treasure forever.

By making her customers essential to the design process, she’s nurturing priceless customer loyalty among her true fans.

Private Studio Space

Like most “side hustles,” Cinder Ceramics started out in Gitti’s living room.

It wasn’t long before the orders started flooding in – and driving all across the city to fire her pottery was no longer an option.

When the perfect commercial space opened up only two blocks from her home, Gitti took the leap and set up shop in a private studio space.

This investment in her business paid off almost immediately, allowing her to fill orders in record time.

Professional Coaching

Once it became clear that Cinder Ceramics was growing into a full-time gig, Gitti thought, “If I’m going to invest in this studio space, I might as well go all the way.”

That’s when she found our Momentum Mastermind coaching program, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Listen to the full episode above to hear the full story of how she replaced her full-time income, got sponsored by Tik Tok, and so much more!

xo, Tracy


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