Khama Billiat’s previous side hustle revealed. Do not see successful people and think they just became successful just over nightlight , there is no such thing in life. The truth is most powerful people in the world have a powerful story behind them.

Khama Billiat's previous side hustle revealed
Khama Billiat’s previous side hustle revealed

Khama Billiat’s previous side hustle revealed

“I once stopped playing football when we had financial challenges at Aces Youth Academy and started ‘working’ at Gulf where we would put music into people’s memory sticks charging a dollar for ten songs,” Khama Billiat said.

“But in the back of my mind I knew I wanted to continue playing football, hence an oppurtunity later arose for me to go for trials at Monotomotapa but I ended going to CAPS instead, after being invited   by friends. Coach Lloyd (Chitembwe) said he wanted me and the rest is history,” Billiat continued.

After all that struggle Khama Billiat is the highest paid player in the psl . It eventually paid off , but in the beginning it was not easy. So if you are a footballer and reading this article , just know that it will not be easy but you have just to push until you make it. Sometimes in life you have to finance your dream before your dream finances you.

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We once interviewed Tendai Ndoro and we asked what he think about Khama Billiat , but Ndoro said that “Based in a position and the achievements of Khama you have to respect him he is a hard-worker” You can see that even other footballers they respect him. It is not that easy to be on the top of anything.

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