I recently started my side hustle in my small kitchen. Meanwhile I was broke, inexperienced and overwhelmed.

Where would I start?

Like many entrepreneurs, the answer was simple. Make the decision and just start. Everything starts with commitment to take the first step.

You can make excuses all day, too busy, too tired, you don’t have enough capital. Just remember everyone has struggles but are putting to passion to the task to make them that extra ka money.

So here are a few things that are helping me get going against the tide.

Ask yourself It is important to find a side hustle that fits our skills, lifestyle and passion. How much time can you dedicate to this?

Establish this and commit yourself to it. How much do you need to make this worthwhile? This is a reality check. Be realistic about it.

Create a structure Many of us hate structure. It is the foundation you will grow on. Here is how you can create it. Set a goal that is attainable and stick to it. You need goals you can work towards.

Create a schedule. If you are committing 10 weekly hours, put them in your calendar and stick to it.

Find your tools. There are many platforms and services that can help you launch. Facebook, your work,

WhatsApp groups, I have found that the What’s App status is a crucial tool to launch you into the market, starting with your closest contacts.

Foster Relationships. When starting something news, its important that your surround yourself with people who have already walked in your shoes.

Accountability partners can help you stay on track. When you are your own boss, its important to keep up with other bosses.

As I continue on the road to success in my side hustle, the real important lesson I have learn here is that mindset is the most important predictor of your future success.

If you’re convinced you wont be able to start a profitable side hustle, no amount of money will help you succeed.

Shifting your mindset in the end is real capital you need to move you forward into creating something great.

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