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Now might be a good time to start a side hustle. We’ve created a guide for anyone who is curious about the process and wants to grow a six-figure business.

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This week we have résumé templates you can use to find a job, insights from one of Lake Tahoe’s top real estate agents, a day in the life of an OnlyFans content-creator and entrepreneur, and more. 

10 résumé templates you can use to apply for jobs in industries like marketing, legal, finance, hospitality, and more

It’s important to have a solid résumé to get the attention of hiring managers when you’re looking for a job, but depending on the industry you’re applying to, you may need to highlight different skills. Here are 10 industry-specific résumé templates that will help you land a job in finance, hospitality, HR, tech, nursing, and beyond.

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The founder and CEO of popular lingerie brand LIVELY explains the secrets to building a booming ecommerce brand

Founder and CEO Michelle Cordeiro Grant built her lingerie brand LIVELY to weather a recession. As the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic has crushed many retail brands like Brooks Brothers and J.Crew, Cordeiro Grant explains how nimble ecommerce startups have an advantage in bridging the gap between physical and digital retail.

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Passion for your product is overrated. The people who are most successful in business have a passion for leadership.

Franchise coach Rick Bisio has helped hundreds of business owners navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. We spoke with him to find out what the most successful leaders have in common.

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A Lake Tahoe real-estate agent has over $100 million in sales since 2016, but he’s never seen anything like this quarantine market

Gregory Ochoa is one of Lake Tahoe’s top agents, and says that rental-property demand is high, vacation rentals are full, and clients are pouring in from San Francisco and Los Angeles, desperate for more space.

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Read the application form that got the ‘Spotify for meditation’ into the selective startup accelerator that launched Airbnb and Dropbox

Y Combinator is the super-selective startup accelerator that’s launched the likes of Stripe and Instacart. If you’re thinking about applying (the next deadline is September 23), check out this successful application from Yunha Kim, founder of the on-demand meditation service Simple Habit.

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How a self-made millionaire pivoted from a career in nursing to helping moms become financially independent without going back to school

Cayla Craft’s career path has changed throughout her life, but her goal of helping mothers has never wavered. Her company, Mommy Millionaire, helps mothers and women launch and scale their own businesses.

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How a Russian supermodel became an angel tech investor — and her advice for entrepreneurs trying to do the same

Natalia Vodianova is one of the world’s most successful supermodels, but has found a new passion: angel tech investing. Beginning her investment journey with a charity app called Elbi, she’s now invested in 16 companies, and she shared her journey, latest venture, and advice for entrepreneurs with Business Insider.

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How to take vacation as a freelancer without losing out on new business

As a freelancer, you might have a hard time knowing when to take a break, especially without company-sanctioned vacations. Seasoned freelancers shared tips with Business Insider on why taking time off is important for your business long-term, and how you can properly plan ahead for a proper vacation.

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A day in the life of an OnlyFans creator who makes $100,000 a month off explicit content

This OnlyFans creator begins her day by checking how much money she made off of her explicit content while she slept. Although her channel requires her to be “on all the time,” the $100,000-per-month payoff makes it worth it.

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