Fess up: You’ve definitely thought about making a podcast at some point in the past few months. Hey, who can blame you? Not only is the podcast entertainment world getting bigger than ever (with nearly a third of the US population tuning to podcasts every month) but there’s also a relatively low barrier to entry for newbies to get in on the action. All you need is a killer theme and an understanding of podcasting logistics (such as recording, editing, attracting fans, and monetizing your content).

The first part of the equation (i.e, coming up with a brilliant idea) is all on you. But if you need help on how exactly to record, interview, and market your podcast, why not rely on the expert advice from The Podcast Like a Boss course? This comprehensive online training is led by four veteran business, marketing, and podcasting experts: Kathleen Shannon (founder of Braid Creative and Consulting), Emily Thompson (established business and creative coach), designer and writer Paul Jarvis (who has worked with the likes of Microsoft and Mercedes-Benz) and entrepreneur Jason Zook. Between the four of them, they have created podcasts that have gained over 7.5 million downloads and generated six-figure revenues.

Throughout the seven-part course, aspiring podcasters will understand how to create compelling content that keeps listeners engaged week after week, how to master the logistics of podcast creation (including recording, editing, hosting and delivering your podcast), how to best cross-promote their audio content on a range of social media platforms, and how to pinpoint the best monetization tactics, including sponsorships and affiliate marketing, that will turn a hobby into a fully-fledged side-hustle. Along the way, instructors will give students a variety of interactive workbooks and case studies to test their knowledge.

While normally a course of this caliber would set you back 200 bucks, right now lifetime access to the Podcast Like a Boss is on sale for $59.99.

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