Empower Your Hustle

Three Steps To Sustainable Prosperity.

Be Self Empowered Not Perpetually Dependent

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 Gather.Africa empowers the teeming underbanked and underemployed of Africa by acknowledging their hustles, and giving them the tools to turn them into sustainable prosperity.

How Does It Work


Save While Consuming

Gather helps you save money by lowering the cost of everyday staple items, and investing those savings for a rainy day, while at the same time creating a credit history.


Promote Your Business

If you have a side hustle, Gather brings you together with other sellers to advertise each others goods and services. You can then sit back and watch your sales go through the roof.


Become A Sales Affiliate

Gather allows you to sell other members goods, earn a commission, and if necessary, have them drop-shipped to the buyer. All without you having to buy inventory.


Learn At Your Own Pace

The academy provides members with curated online courses to increase your sales and marketing skills.

Hone your existing vocational skills or learn new ones. Become an expert in completely new business niches.

Empower Your Hustle Right Now!